Our Mission

Our Mission Statement: New Hope is a family of missionary servants sent to Canton to make disciples who make disciples.

Humans flourish whenever they step into relationship with their creator and find their identity in him. What is true about God shows us what is true of us as well. God the Father send his only Son to come to earth and die for our sin. In doing so, he took those who were far away and made them his children. Because God took those who were not family and made them family, we now treat other people, who aren’t actually related to us, like family.
Jesus, the Son of God, was came to earth and was made man, and though he was God he wasn’t treated like God. Humans misunderstood, and even betrayed him, yet he served them the whole time, even by washing their feet! Then in the most scandalous act of service, he died for us, taking on our sin that we might in exchange get his righteousness. And because Jesus himself served us in the most beautiful and humble way, though he was God, we can now humble ourselves and serve others too.
And Jesus, when he was raised from the dead and ascended back to the Father, he sent the Holy Spirit to dwell inside of his people. And this same Holy Spirit sends us back out into the world to make the good news about Jesus known both with our words and the way we live. In this way, every Christian is a missionary.
Jesus’ last request was that we would go into the whole world and make disciples. A disciple is someone who is increasingly learning to submit their whole life to the rule and reign of Jesus. If you follow Jesus that is how you will live, teaching others to follow him too!